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Krisztina Csiki

I discovered the joys of weaving a story at age 12 and I’ve been writing on and off ever since. Because making up a narrative can be not only a happy occurrence, but a terrifying and tough experience, I let myself be distracted from this passion of mine by several jobs and countless hobbies. It took twenty years to accept that not only am I a better person when I write, but my words can give joy to others at the same time. I joined my town’s writing community 8 years ago; we publish a topical anthology of short stories and poems almost every year and continue honing our skills. I have learnt much about the craft of writing from my fellow authors and I am grateful for this opportunity.

A Walk by the Sea started unfolding thirteen years ago. Much as I’d like to say that I spent all this time creating a masterpiece, I have to admit that I kept shoving the story to the back of my mind, sometimes for years, only to realize that I can’t have peace until I finish it. A different person today than I was back then, I know that my characters have evolved with me and we helped each other over hurdles and through hardships. A Walk by the Sea has always been the manifestation of the best in me, everything that I aspire to. I love my characters dearly and I hope that you will, too. Please read the first few chapters posted here and if the story interests you, or you would like to know what happens to Meriel, Samuel and Philip, go to Amazon, where you can purchase the book as an ebook or if you like the feel of words on paper, have it sent to you in physical form via print-on-demand.

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PS. If you want to get in touch, you can contact me at krisz@awalkbythesea.com and check out my website, Facebook page and Instagram account.

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